2) Can you describe A Light of Hope in a nutshell?

A Light of Hope (ALOH) is a community of people joined in the fight against destructive actions and lifestyles we are challenged with every single day. Through love, support and acceptance, families can find an end to isolation and fear and discover a life of hope and freedom. Parents, extended family and significant others can learn new ways of responding to their substance abusing and/or self-destructive teenagers or young adults. Many transform their own lives as well in this process, finding serenity and peace for themselves. You do not have to live with self-blame, guilt trips, depression and anger either. You will hear others tell their own stories of how they overcame their feelings of fear, anger, resentment and hopelessness, and applaud their victories in their own personal growth and change. Overcoming habits learned over a lifetime takes patience and grace! A Light of Hope is the safe haven where you can find support, hope, healing and freedom.