1) What’s Up with that Monkey’s Fist?

The “Monkey Fist” is a symbol of success. It is awarded at a group meeting after 30 days of continuous sobriety. It’s a big deal for our youth and young adults. 

A little background on the Fist: Used first at the Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP), we have adopted this as a symbol representing our sobriety. The “Monkey Fist” is a mariner’s knot used by ships to help them dock.  A baseball-sized knot with lines attached is thrown from the ship to the dock- -the first contact the ship has with land. The crew on shore catches the knot, secures the line to the dock and pulls the ship to shore. The Fist symbolizes first contact to solid ground and sobriety, with the group representing the crew that pulls the newcomer safely to shore after a perilous journey. Traditionally, the small leather monkey fist knot is worn around the neck.