14) What is the “Alternative Peer Group” (APG)?

The APG is one of the most important elements to making recovery sustainable. One of the hardest things for a young person in recovery to do is to figure out what to do with free time that doesn’t involve living out a self-destructive lifestyle or hanging out with friends that do. A key element to recovery includes breaking the ties to old unhealthy friends and changing to model their behavior after their new healthy and sober friends. We define sobriety as the absence of any alcohol, mind-altering drugs and self-destructive actions such as cutting and habitually destructive relationships. This is accomplished by hanging out together in a safe and sober atmosphere –their Alternative Peer Group.

By attending APG’s fun and sober activities they can mirror those who have gone before. Central to recovery is social interaction with peers; our young people must learn to build new relationships not centered on destructive and unhealthy behaviors. Our participants have found that a sober life doesn’t have to be boring or without enjoyment. We recognize the tremendous power of today’s peer group influence, and we seek to channel that in positive ways. Consider participation in the APG as key to your loved one’s recovery.