Shannon Stunson

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Shannon Stunson

M.A., Marriage and Family Therapist Intern #75656
Supervised by Karen Lee, LMFT #38665

I believe that when we unify we strengthen. When there is teamwork and collaboration, beautiful things can be achieved. As a client centered therapist, I view the client-therapist relationship as a chance to participate in an empathetic, genuine relational engagement while participating in conversations that address a problem and encourage the building of strengths.

With the world around us holding so many different truths and realities, we can work together to connect on ways toward change at your pace.

Sometimes we're looking for CHANGE or to be HEARD. Many times we just need help sifting through roughage in our life or we find ourselves in a battle with adjusting to the changes of a new stage in our life. 

Are you wondering how to improve communication between you and your significant other, child or parent? Impacts of everyday life challenges such as facing the changes divorce can bring or how your kids will be able to adjust to this change can be overwhelming. The wonder of how you and your loved one can improve communication or intimacy. Sometimes we find ourselves "in over our heads" in the thralls of substance use, abuse or dependence. Sometimes this relationship can be a product of feelings undone or broken. Maybe you're thinking it's time to change the way the substance effects your life.

I love to work with all ages of individuals. Let's step out of our box and trade a smile or two.