Trevor Sunday

Trevor passed away on June 27, 2019 at the age of 19. Trevor had a caring, loving heart that impacted many people of all ages. His last act of kindness was the donation of six major organs that saved six lives. As a family, we are certainly devastated, but we intend to lean into God and seek his guidance in how we can use this tragic loss to help save the lives of others. We deeply desire for anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction or other behavioral challenges to continue to seek help and never be fearful or ashamed. If you have friends or loved ones in these situations, then love your friends more than your relationships….Speak up for them.

– The Sunday Family

100% of all donations on behalf of Trevor Sunday will go to benefit A Light of Hope in its mission to provide a safe haven where young people and families can find support, hope, healing and freedom from addiction and self-destructive behaviors.